Do Online Blackjack Dealers Cheat Online?

While players aim to win while gambling online, the online casino also wants to make profits. So it is possible that they cheat why playing games such as Blackjack. Even while it's not possible to cheat while playing the regular online Blackjack because of the RNG software, live Blackjack dealers can cheat when you play at a live casino. If you want to know how Blackjack dealers can cheat you, you are in the right place. Continue reading this article to learn the various ways, so you can avoid them when you play at a live casino.

Live Dealer Blackjack games are gaining more popularity among online casinos because of the real-life experience that it offers. With this game, you can enjoy the traditional style of the Blackjack game from the comfort of your home. The issue of live blackjack dealers cheating is not new. Though you need not worry about a dealer cheating if you play at a reliable casino site. However, some casinos can use various means to deceive you if they feel like doing so. We will discuss some of the things you need to watch out for when playing at a live casino.

Second Dealing a Card

Second dealing is one of the many ways that a live Blackjack dealer can use to cheat you. Live blackjack dealers use this method to manipulate the deck of cards when playing. So be very vigilant when playing at a live casino. This type of scam is usually carried out when the dealer knows the value of the top card. With this, the Blackjack dealer will avoid dealing a bad card to themselves and might end up dealing a bad card to the player. Most dealers will also combine second dealing with another method like marked cards.

Removing High Cards from the Show

In the Blackjack game, high cards can increase your chances of getting a natural Blackjack hand. This can increase the chances that the blackjack dealer will bust. The reason is that a dealer must hit until they get a hand worth 17 or more. That said, most live Blackjack dealers will cheat by drawing more high cards from the show. Each high card that they take will increase their chance of winning. You might not notice this if the dealer is doing it secretly. This type of method is common in a Blackjack game where six or eight decks are involved.

Stacking the Shoe or Deck

Another way that a Blackjack dealer can cheat you when you play online is by stacking the shoe. This method is opposite to the one discussed in the paragraph above. In this method, casinos live Blackjack dealers can insert more low-value cards (2 to 6) in the shoe. First, this can reduce the player's chances of getting a natural Blackjack hand. Additionally, it can improve the odds that the dealer won't go over 21. With this method, the casino can cheat without you even knowing. They will add low-value Blackjack cards to the deck show and increase their advantage.

How to Avoid been Cheated at an Online Casino?

If you are still worried about being cheated when you play at an online casino, we have got you covered. There are certain precautions you can take to identify and avoid these scams. First, you should read reviews online about the casino. This will let you know if the casino has a good reputation among other players. Additionally, you should keep up to date with gambling news. By doing so, you will get to know about any casino scandals. Aside from that, you should always be vigilant when you play at a live Blackjack casino. Ensure that you have a clear head before you start playing.